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JIMnI launches blog!

JIMnI photo by Steven Pickel 2012

Greetings friends, kin, ardent fans and faithful followers, welcome to our blog!

At the top of our to-do list this year was to try out this blogging thing. Lofty goals of weekly posts collided with reality and here it is February already…once a month perhaps?

Without further ado, let me introduce myself. I’m Bee, your JIMnI blog mistress and number-one fan/wife/groupie/roadie/publicist … whichever hat is called for at the moment, I’m wearing it. I’ve been married to Jim, the Jim half of JIMnI, for almost 25 years (wow!) and we have two amazing kids and an old yellow lab. I work for an arts and entertainment publication, again wearing many hats, doing everything from selling ads to making deliveries. There you have it in a small nutshell and onward to the stars of this little galaxy of cyber-space.

Stacy is on a doctor’s-ordered break from singing…and talking. She’s been having throat issues for quite some time and finally went to see a specialist; she has a nodule on her vocal cord that may go away with some solid rest; if not it’ll have to be surgically removed. So if you see Stacy and she doesn’t speak to you, please don’t be offended!  To lean more… http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vocal_fold_nodule

Fear not - Music still fills the house! Stacy and Jim meet once a week to hone their guitar chops and they have a few new songs in the works. We’ll share some snippets soon!

Some awesome person in Australia purchased a JIMNI cd via iTunes https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/jimni/id574947828 ! Our first overseas sale – we’re excited about that! JIMnI is also getting some plays on internet radio stations Rhapsody  http://www.rhapsody.com/#artist/jimni?&_suid=1359929762009034013742952290154  and Rdio http://www.rdio.com/#artist/Jimni/albums/ . And we got our first check from CD Baby for cd sales. It’s been a great week!

The cd was recently reviewed by Matthew Forss, who writes music reviews for Edmonton-based Inside World Music.com and Verge Travel Magazine  http://www.vergemagazine.com/articles/reviews/itemlist/user/22883-matthewforss.html. We posted a snippet of it in the reviews section, but here it is in its entirety:

"JIMnI is Stacy Lynne Santilli on vocals, guitar, and piano and Jim Steiner on vocals, guitar, and harmonica.  The folk duo incorporates a little blues music to the mix.  Based in Montana, JIMnI writes and produces thirteen songs on the self-titled release.  The rustic guitars, folksy vocals, and stripped-down production showcase the duo’s strongest abilities of musicianship.

“Thief of Hearts” begins with a folksy guitar and electric guitar wails that signal a slight bluesy melody.  Stacy’s blues and folk-centric vocals are direct and engaging with a similar resemblance to Melissa Etheridge and Alanis Morissette.  The fuzzy, electric guitar sounds and dry, folksy acoustic guitar-work is a perfect companion to the vocals.  The eerily long guitar notes allow the music to create a life of its own.  The spacious chords and notes match the wildness of the vocals.  This is a throaty, dynamic, and folk-driven song without regrets.

“For You” opens with a bit of acoustic guitar charm and a rustic vocal line by Stacy.  The throaty anthem is not accompanied by any other instrumentation early on.  The lack of percussion is not a negative here, as the vocals and guitar reach a magical place that is earthy, but surprisingly heavenly.  Jim provides a brief harmonica solo that ties everything together in a scintillating folk song shaped by two masters of the singer/songwriter art-form.

“Angels” begins with a few plaintive acoustic guitar strums and back-up strings.  Jim leads the song on vocals with Stacy providing back-up vocal accompaniment.  The heartfelt vocals and classical cello sounds provide a folksy feel throughout.  The relatively solemn lyrical material is brought to life with vocals, strings, and light guitar-work that is not accompanied by any percussion.

“Better Than This” features an uppity acoustic guitar tune unaccompanied by any vocals or instrumentation early on.  However, Jim begins the vocals first, followed by alternating vocal lines between Jim and Stacy.  The music is pure folk that delights singer and songwriter fans everywhere.  The earthy vocals and playful melodies are not joined with other instruments, but it is not necessary here.  This is a nice little ditty that oozes with folksy charm and lyrics that can only be invented with creative intelligence.

“Mary” opens with a few upbeat bursts of acoustic guitar and Jim’s folksy vocals that are joined by Stacy after the first few lines.  The primary vocalist is Jim, but Stacy’s vocals are equally-appealing.  The rustic playing and emotive vocals are unmatched.  The breathy vocals are instruments that lead the guitar-playing.  However, the vocals tend to be a little monotonous reiterating the song’s title.

“Kiss My Ass” opens with a breezy acoustic guitar intro and folksy harmonica medley.  Jim’s vocals accompany the guitar.  Stacy’s vocals accompany the reiteration of the song’s title a few times throughout the song.  Stacy also provides back-up accompaniment at different points throughout the song.  The harmonica pops up again mid-song with the acoustic guitar.  The music is relatively uneventful, but slightly humorous.  The entire song follows a more bluegrass-focused tune with good folk elements.

JIMnI is a folk duo that is not afraid to experiment with blues, pop, bluegrass, and alternative music genres.  The lack of drums does not necessarily disappoint, but the vocal dualities between Jim and Stacy may be a little repetitive.  However, the music is ideal for fans of American folk, blues, and nu-grass.  The thirteen tracks provide a good variety that is only marred by a lackluster recording job. Still, JIMnI may be an odd-named group or album title, but the result is something worth listening to regardless of what it is called.

Artist: JIMnI

Album: JIMNI

Review by Matthew Forss

Rating: 4 Stars (out of 5)”                                                                                                   

What do you think? We are quite delighted with it and appreciate Mr. Forss’ honesty.

Let us know what you think - we’d love to hear your thoughts.

Thanks for reading, until we meet again…


The JIMNI CD is near finished! We’re planning a mid-November CD Release Party!!!

The JIMNI CD is near finished! We’re planning a mid-November CD Release Party!!!

“That’s Jim and I - heavy on the I.” (JIMnI Fan at the Idle Spur)
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